Acton Academy Rexburg

Guide Onboarding Quest

The Guide Onboarding Quest provides challenges and experiences to help new Guides orient themselves in the basic frameworks, tools, and processes found in an Acton Academy studio. We are providing this as a training program on our site for our guides as a more user friendly and interactive option but it is also available in 2 other […]

Heroic Parenting

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.“ –Charles Swindoll Dear Parents, How do you build a vibrant and rich family life and prepare to launch your children and yourself on a Hero’s Journey? It’s a question we couldn’t have answered 20 years ago.   Heroic Parenting is […]

Gearhead – Engines 101

Engines 101 is part of our Gearhead series and is perfect for complete beginners who may have wondered how the gasoline put into your car is converted into the rotational force that moves your car down the road. The badge will also dive deep enough to capture the interest of a young aspiring mechanic to […]