Acton Academy Rexburg

Your child can be a world-changer.

Is your family ready for a hero's journey?


Traditional Education

An Acton Education

Learning at Acton

Learn to Learn

Socratic Discussions and self paced challenges equip children to be independent lifelong learners.

Learn to Do

Hands-on Quests for Science, Entrepreneurship and the Arts prepare children for Apprenticeships and real world challenges.

Learn to Be

The Hero’s Journey, relational covenants and real world consequences transform difficult decisions into virtuous habits.


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He or she will:

  1. Begin a Hero’s Journey
  2. Learn to be a curious, independent, lifelong learner.
  3. Develop a deep respect for economic, political and religious freedoms.
  4. Cherish the arts, wonders of the physical world and the mysteries of life on Earth.
  5. Discover his or her most precious gifts and learn to use them to solve difficult problems.


Spark Studio (ages 4 - 7)

Spark is focused on Montessori work and Spark Play to learn real-life skills and develop independence, focus, and kindness.

Discovery Studio (ages 7 - 11)

Young learners tackle important work, solve problems, collaborate with peers, and engage in increasingly challenging games.

Adventure Studio (ages 11 - 14)

Young learners are goal driven and find their path towards changing the world with challenging quests and real internships.

New after school STEM program - Acton Future Builders Team

For self-driven STEM-minded learners ready to join a team and take on real-world engineering projects. 

Want to dive deeper into what makes Acton different?

Watch these additional videos and check out our unique learning design.


Love how Learner driven this is! My son is deep into his interests. His favorites are all the hands on. Thanks Brian for all your efforts in this program!

Zane Wilson
Zane Wilson February 21, 2024

Every kid should get to be so lucky as to be a student at Acton Academy! These kids are moving forward so quickly and doing it with a huge smile. They are learning to be leaders and gaining conflict resolution skills. They are working as a team. They are also learning practical life lessons that should be taught to everyone. The kids get “hands-on” experience rather than long lectures and tedious busy work. I am so thankful to the team at Acton and grateful my grandsons have an opportunity to attend this academy. Well done! I cannot wait to see their coming progress.

Debbie Peck
Debbie Peck December 12, 2023

We have been really impressed with Acton Academy. We took our kids out of public school and put them in Acton hoping that they would have the excitement to learn again. My kids were so excited for kindergarten their first years at public school and each year their drive to want to go to school had slowly diminished. Kids are smart and creative and sitting in a desk all day was hard and took the excitement out of learning for them. Now at acton they are excited to come to school. They are learning a lot and always excited to tell me about their day. I love the mission of Acton and feel like my kid is seen as important. We send our kids away for much of their lives for someone else to teach and influence them. I feel good dropping my kid off to school each day knowing they are in the best environment for their growth in so many ways. We love Acton Academy.

Stacie Nyborg
Stacie Nyborg October 23, 2023
Megan -Co-Founder of Acton Academy Rexburg

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